Our Community

Boy Scout Renovation Project

The Marietta Scout Hut, home lodge for Boy Scout Troop 795 and Girl Scouts at Mount Zion United Methodist Church was renovated with help from TIH Homes as part of its outreach to the community mission. The youth training and experience programs of these organizations build leaders for the future.

Library Rescue Mission

The Cherokee Chapter is performing its first rescue mission. Cherokee County’s Rose Creek Library is in desperate need of funding, books and computers to keep it off the chopping block.


Help For Animal Foster Rescue!

TIH Homes helps the Cherokee County foster rescue program…


Cherokee Book Sale

TIH Homes participates in the Cherokee Book Sale.



Cherokee Chapter President Profile

Atlanta building news published the profile of the recently elected president of the Cherokee Chapter, Steve McKenzie…



Open Hands and Hearts

Cherokee builders and associates work together to support the Hispanic labor community…



Help From Homebuilders

Cherokee Homebuilders donate $800 to help Rose Creek Library…




New Day Labor Center Still In Need of Repairs

Work must be finished to gain city approval in Canton.


Library Requests Book Donations For Fund-Raiser

The library in Towne Lake is to benefit from a book sale sponsored by the Cherokee Chapter of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association.


Giving Back to the Community

TIH Homes participates in donations to the Rose Creek Library. The funds will be used to purchase new books…


Builders Raise Money For Church Renovations

The Cherokee County chapter of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association is sponsoring a flea market to raise money for the renovation of Iglesia Cristiana Monte De Sion (Mount Zion Christian Church)….


TIH Helps Sponsor Fund-Raising Flea Market

TIH Homes participates in a flea market for the Iglesia Cristiana Monte De Sion (Mount Zion Christian Church). The funds raised will be used to help cover $20,000 in repairs so the church can reopen…