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Giving Back to Our Community…

From the Atlanta Building News, March 2001

The CherokeeLibrary Chapter is performing its first rescue mission. Cherokee County’s Rose Creek Library is in desperate need of funding, books and computers to keep it off the chopping block.

Enter the Cherokee Chapter. “When I first took over as Cherokee Chapter president,” said Steve McKenzie (TIH Homes), “I asked our out-going president Mark Martin (Nautilus Fine Homes) if there was a charity or community effort we supported. There was none at the time.” However, that quickly changed. “Mark suggested that we look into saving the Rose Creek Library, and the rest is history.”

As a result of the Cherokee Chapter’s involvement with the Rose Creek Library, the “Alliance for Libraries” was born. The Alliance was created as a support system for all Cherokee County libraries and welcomes in-kind donations and volunteer efforts to assist all Cherokee County libraries. “The HBA is a very well respected force in our community,” said Nick Fogarty, development director for Cherokee County Libraries. “Their involvement lends credence to the importance of the alliance and shows others the positive impact community service brings.”

So far, the chapter has raised $1,400 from the sale of raffle tickets during its annual holiday party. With a book drive and golf tournament on the horizon, the Cherokee Chapter is just warming up.

As Executive Vice President of the HBA, Mark Fitzgerald knows first-hand how much time builders and associates spend on the “clock”. Perhaps this is why the countless hours HBA members spend volunteering are overwhelming. “I hold a great deal of respect for the gallant efforts our members make everyday to causes that are obviously close to their hearts and homes,” said Fitzgerald. “Their volunteer spirit is a true reflection on the home building industry.”

With thousands of worthwhile causes, what surely ties them all together must be the blood, sweat, tears and dollars that go into making each and every one of the work hard to help the next generation.