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Helping those in need…

January 1, 2006

To: All Board Members & Ministry Partners

Re: TIH Ministry Update – Faith, Belief & Trust

Faith, Belief and Trust…3 words that are beyond human comprehension…3 words with such depth that they can only be of the Spirit. These 3 words were placed on our heart for 2005 and launched the ministry into an unbelievable God year that is beyond words.

To God’s Glory I would like to try and attempt to share what the Lord accomplished through The Ministry and your devoted partnership. The following summary does not come close to describing His work or blessing at the end of 2005 and throughout 2005.

  • In December of 2004 (after the Christmas rush) we were empowered to repair a car and provide food and medical supplies to a family in need in the Marietta area.
  • Provided a sizeable donation to a family in their quest to fight breast cancer. (After they lost a family member to the dreaded disease)
  • Provided a much needed and sizeable financial gift to a local single mom and her two children.
  • Supported various long and short term mission efforts (both nationally and internationally) to areas such as Marietta GA, Canton GA, West Virginia, Central America, Nepal and South Africa.
  • Partnered with the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church to remodel a single woman’s home in the Woodstock area. By God’s grace we were able to provide a new roof, re-grade the yard to stop devastating basement flooding, replace a massive amount of rotted cornice & siding, repaint the entire outside of the home, tear out and replace the existing crumbling patio with a new deck and remodel several basement rooms which had become infested with mold and unusable due to the flooding. The transformation can only be described as miraculous.
  • Donated thousands of dollars to build a church in South Africa. This effort culminated in our ministry partnering with Mount Paran Church of God – Marietta, Georgia and the North Sewickley Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania where we led a team of 11 people to Bismark, South Africa in August and built a 36’x80′ church in an amazing 9 days. Who says that the God of the Bible is not alive and well today?
  • Donated thousands of dollars to Must Ministries, Forever Grateful Ministries and Midtown Missions in our effort to live up to God’s command in Mathew 25:31-46.
  • Fostered countless numbers of cats and dogs while offering thousands of dollars in support to local animal rescue groups and foster care programs in the Cherokee and Cobb County areas.
  • Our ongoing ministry of reaching out to a local Cobb women’s shelter has produced a lot of fruit in Christ with as many as 15 women & children attending church each week through the efforts of selfless devoted drivers who ferry them back and forth. Many have given their lives and rededicated their hearts to the Lord. Lives are being impacted and changed!
  • Through a generous donation we were able to provide a car to a graduate of the MMAC program in Cobb County. This much needed vehicle changed a single mom’s life.
  • We have been blessed to be able to repair countless vehicles for single moms and families in desperate need…as well as provide thousands of dollars in financial support to single mom’s ministries.
  • We have embraced the elderly and the orphaned as we stood on God’s word as it is written in Mathew 25:31-46
  • Through our partnership with MPO and other organizations this Christmas, God has opened the door to enable us to directly coordinate/support nearly 50 families in need. There is a God, since left to our own efforts this would have not been attainable.
  • As “hope” ministers, we at TIH Ministries have been blessed to be able to come along side countless numbers of hurting people to love and counsel. God has moved tremendously in this area.

The list goes on—-The depth of God’s work is staggering—-The depth of our Lord’s love in each of the above line items would soften the hardest of hearts! Do we have “faith” enough to “believe” that as we “trust” God he will do a deeper work in the lives of the people he brings our way? My answer can only be a resounding “YES”!

As I’ve written this, I am overwhelmed by our God and what He does through those that make themselves available as open vessels. “You” folks are those open vessels and you need to know that as we stand together on Mathew 24:31-46, TIH Ministries will continue to provide for the people that the Lord brings our way.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a reminder that God’s divine appointments surround you daily. Let’s all put our Jesus skins on as we roll into 2006 and remember that for all our ministry details you can visit our website at and click on “ministry”.


Steve and Renee McKenzie