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Helping those in need…

To All Board Members and Ministry Partners,

RE: TIH Ministry Update – God’s Glory

It’s with heartfelt love, gratitude, and appreciation that I write you now to thank each and everyone for their prayers, financial support and hard work during our South Africa trip.

You, the team members that sent us to build the Loraine Revival Center in Bismark, South Africa will never know the impact your support had in the Loraine community and the surrounding area of Bismark.

You would have been very proud of your eleven team members. “Selflessness” is the word that comes to mind when I think of our team. I watched each team member offer themselves as a living sacrifice to God. Through continual selfless acts they became vessels of our Lord through their joy, love and encouragement to pastors, each other, children, the local community and those who were there to serve us.

The love that poured through this team was noticed by all who were watching… and believe me, there were a lot of folks watching. The testimonies are endless, the tears were abundant, the Joy spread like sunshine, the encouragement was like deep breaths of fresh air and the gifts were distributed generously. I saw Jesus in the character, the hearts and the actions of all eleven “builders”. Relationships were build and I believe the spark of hope rekindled.

My hat goes off to you who stayed behind to take care of the children, the pets, the homes, the businesses and the daily grind of necessary work that was needed to make up for our absence. This effort coupled with you who prayed and gave money enabled us to focus on the tasks we faced.

The trip was fruitful, producing a legacy for all who poured into the mission for years to come. Directly and indirectly your team was a part of the following highlights:

  • Constructing a 36′ x 80′ church sanctuary including a church office and counseling center
  • Laying over 9000 blocks/bricks in less than 9 days (2 days ahead of schedule)
  • Setting 5 doors and 15 windows. Placing 6 major roof trusses and installing near 2000 square feet of sheet metal as a roof covering
  • Pouring (by hand) a 400 square foot section of the slab
  • Installing 9 lights, 3 ceiling fans and miscellaneous outlets through a local electrical contractor
  • Daily interaction and ministry to the local children who visited each afternoon
  • Providing near $10,000 in contributions and love offerings to local pastors, missionaries and folks in need
  • Providing the twelve members of the local South African building team with shoes, shirts, underwear, toiletries, etc.
  • Providing local children with Frisbees, candy, crafts and gifts
  • “And”… the biggest highlight of all was traveling 8500 miles to show a local community (believer and unbeliever alike) that we care.

Thank you again and feel free to check out the South African trip – click here.

Click here to view photos – 2006 Church Building

God’s provision in the many other areas of TIH Ministries was abundant as well.
Please enjoy reviewing the following “Blessings” that the lord bestowed upon his community….

Locally, Nationally and Globally:

  • In January of 2006 TIH Ministries was able to provide a gift of several thousand dollars to terminally ill women who had recently lost her husband. The money was used to pay her mortgage and utility bills.
  • TIH Ministries paid for a life saving surgery that was needed for a family’s beloved pet…. The good news is that the dog is doing well and thriving.
  • In February TIH Ministries was able to provide financial assistance to a woman that was not only going through a divorce, but also bankruptcy. The lord used TIH Ministries as a vessel of love and support during this hardship.
  • TIH Ministries was able to help fund various mission trips internationally to Honduras, Scotland and South Africa, on a national level to West Virginia. God moved in a mighty way on these trips.
  • Katrina survivors were helped when TIH Ministries, partnering with other organizations, helped to provide housing in The Bay St. Louis area of Mississippi.
  • Through out the Atlanta area, utility bills, mortgages and groceries were provided to the elderly, widowed, divorced and struggling single mothers during very challenging and difficult times.
  • Counseling was provided to struggling single mothers at various times through out the year as well.

We thank God for these blessings and others also provided throughout the year as well.

We have been blessed to have partners such as yourself join with us in 2006. Thank you for your generous hearts, your services and much needed prayer coverage throughout the year.

God has moved in a powerful way this past year and we, at TIH Ministries thank you again, from the bottom of our heart for your involvement in TIH Ministries. “Making a difference in this world one person at a time!”

We look forward to serving with you again in this upcoming year. May god pour out his blessings on you, and your families for all you give to his kingdom………..


Steve and Renee’ Mckenzie