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Making a difference one block at a time…

Dear Friends and Family,
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“Sometimes, you just have to do it in the wind.” This was the answer that God gave us as we were debating on placing the sheet metal roof on Monday, May 21, 2007, in the Kanana community, South Africa.

It was a word that God gave us to overcome the windy conditions we were facing that morning… weather that could have been very dangerous to the team. It’s a word we bring back to share with the team members that sent us… “let us persevere through the trial”.

Thank you! Thank you! For your overwhelmingly powerful prayers and generous financial support that made our 2007 South Africa trip possible. Your team of 10 people that you sent (7 from Atlanta and 3 from Pennsylvania) did an outstanding job and represented you well.

The trip was fruitful, producing a legacy for all who poured into the mission for years to come.

Directly and indirectly your team was part of the following highlights:

  • Constructing a 35’x75’ church sanctuary in 7 days; which included setting 10 windows, 3 doors, 6 major roof trusses and installing over 2000 sq ft of sheet metal roofing.
  • Daily interaction and ministry to the local children who visited each afternoon.”
  • Providing financial support to local pastors and families.
  • Providing local children and families with clothes, toys.
  • And…the biggest highlight of all was getting out of our comfort zone, traveling 8,500 miles to show a local community that we cared.

Thank you again for your generous support and prayerful sacrifice. Remember in whatever you’re facing “trust God and don’t quit”.

Thank you!
Steve & Renee’ Mckenzie

(One little boy received a wheelchair, he’s been crippled all his life, only able to crawl)

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