South Africa 2008

South Africa 2008

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Dear Friends & Family,

Ephesians 2:22 was the theme in which we traveled this year. We anticipated click here for photos that “God would do, was doing, a very special work in us and through us… individually and corporately”… not only as a team but also for the people of the Loraine Community.

The blessings that God chose to pour out upon his people in that remote African Community is a testimony to each one of you who took the time to send us and pray for us.

The tangible results that were achieved were overwhelming. Through your partnership and participation over 8,000 blocks were laid, 14 windows set, 3 doors installed, well over 2,000 lbs. of roof System set and nearly 2,000 square feet of sheet metal roofing screwed in place. In 7 days we completed the first Pre-Primary School in the Sekororo Valley, Loraine Community. To God be the glory!

In addition to completing the school your team also distributed over 500 pounds of clothes, toys, candy and a variety of other gifts to local families and the Loraine Church Community.

Perhaps the greatest testimony to Gods love for his people was not the sticks, bricks and gifts that were tangible and obvious to those watching… perhaps the greatest testimony was the love He poured out through 19 people upon the Sekororo Valley in South Africa.

During the entire trip the joy that was tangibly spread, the smiles that were displayed, the hugs that were freely given and the genuine care and concern that was poured out upon the Loraine Community was apparent by the tears that were shed as we were leaving.

The sound of singing and praying that would come from the Church next to the School on days when things got tough would penetrate the area with God’s peace and mercy. Team members, the local Pastor, his wife and the local ladies interceded for God to complete the work he started as the enemy was trying to tear it apart…. The visual change was beyond words as God answered.

Through your faithful support over the years God has opened doors and placed on this one piece of property a Church, a community fresh water well (with a never ending supply of water) and now the “first” Pre-Primary School… what an amazing testimony to God’s provision.

The local people are in awe to see God moving so abundantly. These tangible blessings have encouraged them to press on for “God is so faithful”.

We are overjoyed this year by the support given to Pastor Malan Moolman, Gods visionary, for this Sekororo Region. Prior to our trip, Pastor Moolman received a Dental/Optical team, a pew building team and a preaching/teaching and worship team. Praise God for what He is doing in and through open vessels in the country of South Africa.

Your support was tangibly displayed and felt 8,500 miles away in a small impoverished African Community. Thank you for sending the love through your team from North Sewickley Presbyterian Church, TIH Ministries, Lighting the Way Ministries and Mt. Paran Church of God.

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Sincerely grateful for your support,
Renee’ and Steve Mckenzie

First Pre-Primary School, Loraine Community
    “Making a Difference one block at a time”