Swaziland 2004

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Open letter from TIH Ministry

On 8/7/2004 a team of 7 people, 5 men and 2 women, left for Swaziland, Africa to build a church. Under the covering of Zech. 4:6, Psalm 20 and the 6th chapter of Judges, this team worked and ministered through 8/19/2004.

Their story on the following pages is a testimony to God’s spirit, His power and His love.

We hope you enjoy the time you’ll spend in Swaziland with us and join us in giving all praise, honor and glory to our Lord.

Before we journey, I would like to make special mention of Steve Weaver. Though words cannot express my appreciation to all of the 65 member support team that “sent” us to Africa, I would like to personally thank Steve for his personal prayers, his extra effort in our business while I was gone and his generous financial support. God knew exactly what he was doing in creating us a partner in Steve.


Steve McKenzie

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