Dear Steve:

Although Kathy and I did not purchase our home in BridgeMill directly from TIH Homes, we sure are thankful to live in a TIH Home..

Your recent action to correct the problem in our shower is evidence of a commitment to Quality & Service that is unsurpassed! We appreciate you taking the time to carefully examine the matter and then take decisive action to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Being business owners ourselves, we understand that you can’t see everysingle thing that happens and you certainly couldn’t have known about the situation with our shower. Your action have proven to us that the way you presnet your business is the way you operate your business.

Kathy and I have already passed on our positive experience to some very good friends. We love the “TIH – Kennestone” home in which we now live.

Please feel free to list us among very pleased TIH Home owners!

All The Best!,

Brian & Kathy Nicholson
Canton, GA

To TIH Homes:

My husband, 2 young boys and I, just went into contract to purchase our lot at The Hills of Safe Harbor in Dallas, GA.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for building such a beautiful yet affordable home. We are relocating from NY and just can’t wait to be in our new home.

I also wanted to say that I think your ministry work is awesome! It is so nice to see people being so open with their faith and not to separate it from work.

We should all be more like that. Any recomendations on a Christian church near-by?

God Bless, and thank you again,

Jenna Sanker
Dallas, GA

To whom it may concern:

We purchased our house from TIH Homes in April of 2004.

The attention to detail and the old-style quality workmanship were apparent from the moment we walked into the house. The whole family (including three teenagers) knew immediately that this was THE house for us.

TIH Home’s staff was flexible and extremely helpful as we completed all the paperwork from Virginia and prepared for our first long distance move. After seven months in our new home, we can still say that TIH Home’s customer service continues to be first rate.We cannot thank them enough for not only building our house, but for all the extra care that has truly made this our “Dream Home”.


Dan and Angela Bailey

Dear TIH Homes Corporation:

My name is Son Banh. I want to thank you for building my house in Bridge Mill. It is absolutely flawless! I really enjoy it.

I’m very proud of you. You are a very nice and good builder. I was very happy that you built my house. I take a lot of pride in my house.

thanks again.


Son Banh

To whom it may concern:

The purpose and intent of this letter is to thank Steve and Renee McKenzie, with TIH Homes, on the positive home building experience we had last year.

Steve and his team turned what is often termed a “terrible” experience of building a new home into a great one and at the same time we have made friends for a lifetime.

The courteousness, the timeliness, the attention to detail, the knowledge of the industry, the options and the ability to respond to our needs and questions throughout the whole process of selling our home while building a new home were “above and beyond” the call of duty.

In addition, their follow-through on warranty work and maintenance has also been of high-quality and handled in a professional manner.

We have recommended TIH Homes to several potential new homeowners within Bridgemill and will continue to do so as the opportunity allows.

We would be happy to answer any questions or discuss the quality as well as quantity of work you receive from TIH Homes.


G.Shane Eller & Shana B. Eller

To whom it may concern:

RE: TIH Homes, Inc., Steve McKenzie

This letter is with regard to our experience as homeowner’s with our builder, TIH Homes, Inc., Steve McKenzie.

I have spent twenty plus years in the building industry as a material supplier. In that time, I have been exposed to hundreds of builders, ranging from track home builders to custom home builders in the six figures. I have also been exposed to thousands of homeowners and heard thousands of stories – both good and bad – regarding experiences with various builders. So when we decided to look for a new home, I felt rather confident in my ability to choose a top notch builder.

The home we ultimately purchased from TIH Homes, Inc. was actually in the final building phases when we found it. We loved the plan, but there were a number of changes we wanted, which involved revisiting phases in the building process that were already complete. Steve never hesitated. He was flexible, reasonable and a constant pleasure to deal with. He was honest, forthcoming and above board with every aspect of the building process. Not only Steve McKenzie, but all the employees of TIH Homes, Inc. seemed to have a sincere attention for detail and concern for our ultimate satisfaction. They were professional and thorough in the final inspection process and seemed to take genuine satisfaction in a job well done.

It has been over two years since we moved into our new TIH home. In those two years we can honestly say that there have been no “hidden” problems that have popped up.

However, what has been one of the most impressive things to us about Steve McKenzie and TIH Homes has been their accessibility after the deal was closed – even now two years later. Not one phone call has gone unreturned and not one question has gone unanswered. With questions as simple as replacing a broken double paned window in a hurry for weekend company, Steve took time himself to recall what window was installed in our kitchen months prior and personally made phone calls to make sure we had our issue resolved – within a couple of hours!

In closing, we are thrilled with our TIH Home. We would recommend Steve McKenzie / TIH Homes to anyone – Danny & Pam Nichols

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to document the excellent qualities that Steven McKenzie has shown in building our house.

Many new home buyers expect their home to be perfect. I do not believe this is a reasonable expectation as the materials used to build the house nor the workers that build a house are perfect. What I expected from our house was a well built house and a responsive builder to fix the imperfections that we find as we live in the new house. Steve was able to deliver on both of those expectations.

From the time that we showed interest in our TIH Home, Steve was there to guide us and help us make decisions about our new home. When we were finally ready to move into our new house, Steve spent several hours walking through the house with us and explaining our warranty detail.

After we moved in, and discovered some imperfections, I was pleasantly surprised with the responsiveness and attention that Steve provided in addressing our problems. Unlike many builders who compile a complete “punch-list” for a year before they fix any problem, Steve addressed each small collection of problems in a very timely manner – generally within one week.

I am very pleased with Steve McKenzie, and TIH Homes. I would highly recommend him as a builder of choice to any of my family members and friends; as a matter of fact, I have already recommended him to several friends.

Thank you.


Richard S. Kirkland

Dear Steve,

I caught your picture in the June 2001 issue of Atlanta Building News at the fundraiser for the Rose Creek Library. You are to be lauded on your efforts for positive change to your community, and especially for your work to aid children.

I am proud to know you, and to work with you in the capacity that we have through the Bells Ferry project. It is indeed rare to find a builder who is so active in giving back to those who are in need.

Regardless of the outcome of my proposal to secure the accounting services for TIH, I will always count you as a trustworthy friend and business associate, and a role model for community activism and Christian family values.

My best regards,

C. Brian Haile
Certified Public Accountant

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is written in the hopes of benefiting potential buyers of homes here in Bridgemill. I am a resident of the neighborhood as of July 2000, and I am writing to share our dealings with the builder of our home, so that others may benefit from our experience.

We found our home when it was about 3/4 completed. And after having a terrible experience with our prior builder, I approached this situation with understandable caution. To be blunt, we had been blatantly lied to, and had received a tremendous lack of professionalism and service after the home was built.

We were introduced to Steve McKenzie with TIH Homes along with his project manager Joe, and from the beginning experienced nothing but the highest level of integrity and competence. Throughout the rest of the building process, every facet of the project was completed on a timely basis. Might I add that Steve and Joe took great pride in their work, and on the rare occasion when something wasn’t done to my satisfaction, they made it right.

I had waited to write this letter until now for a reason. It is important to realize that these houses are not manufactured on an assembly line, and as such are susceptible to human error and the effects of gravity. We have had some problems, and I decided to wait to see how well these were resolved prior to giving TIH Homes my endorsement. Today, Steve and Joe have earned it. Certainly, they have been responsive to our calls. But out of the blue, Joe called me today to arrange a time to repair a minor problem we have. I had called them about it a couple of weeks ago, but since it was only minor, hadn’t given it another thought. So here again, their professionalism come through.

I am the type of guy who will sing your praises if you do good work; and will tell EVERYONE if you don’t. This builder is someone you can count on to build a solid, quality house. And when the little problems eventually surface, and they will on any home, they will be there to correct the problem. If you ever would like to call to discuss TIH Homes, you are welcome to call.

Keith Bowers